Directors bio

Stockholm based filmmaker Ottilia Wahl works in the Swedish film industry across feature films, TV Drama and commercials. Alongside working as a freelance Assistant Director she writes, develops and directs short films.

Her first film, Trapalanda (Heaven of the Horses) is a poetic short documentary about horse girls, how life and death are brought into sharp focus through the mortality of their beloved horses and how they cope with personal loss at a young age.

Ottilia’s current project is the promotional video for Lil T-shirt’s “Summer.” Told as a short film, Summer is the dark ending to a love story – a young woman drives her lover out to the countryside to have him killed by her friends for reasons the viewer is, intentionally, not aware of.

Ottilia’s work so far showcases a leaning toward thought-provoking, emotive, multi-layered story arcs and timelines with strong emphasis on narrative cohesion binding these complex elements together.